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Loungefly One Piece 25th Anniversary Straw Hat Pirates Mini Backpack

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Loungefly One Piece 25th Anniversary Straw Hat Pirates Mini Backpack

Hoist the sails and steer toward adventure in style! Our Loungefly One Piece Luffy and Gang Map Mini Backpack is ready for some fun. The Straw Hat Pirates assemble on the front pocket in embossed and printed detail. You might be able to spot Luffy, Chopper, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Robin, Brook, Zoro, and Franky. They’re placed upon a “parchment” map, and above them is another map in soft blue, yellow, and green tones. An applique of the ship, with the Jolly Roger flag is there as well—and you can slide it back and forth to replicate its journeys. The top of the backpack also includes a debossed pattern of the Jolly Roger symbol. The side panels display vivid printed art as well, such as a well-stocked treasure chest and the Jolly Roger flag. On the back, Luffy makes an encore appearance, with binoculars, from behind a barrel. Set sail to celebrate the 25th anniversary of One Piece in style.

Backpack features include antique brass-colored metal hardware, a sliding mechanism, padded and adjustable straps, side pockets, vegan leather (polyurethane), and debossed, embossed, applique, and printed details. Note the coordinating lining.

This backpack is an officially licensed TOEI product.

Backpack dimensions: 9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D (Width is measured across the bottom of the backpack.)

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