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Loungefly Disney Winnie-The_Pooh Piglet Flap Wallet

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Loungefly Disney Winnie-The_Pooh Piglet Flap Wallet

"We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?"- Piglet 

"Even longer."- Pooh answered

If you could go thru life and find friendship like Pooh and Piglet have, you can count yourself very lucky! We couldn't just create a Winnie The Pooh Backpack without adding his favorite companion. How fun is this faux leather wallet? Piglets little hands are actually magnetic and you can cover his eyes, or see them. 

This vegan leather wallet includes debossed, embroidered, applique, interior lining and metal plaque details.

Dimensions: W: 4.25" X H: 3.25"

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