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Loungefly Disney The Lion King Scar Wallet

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Loungefly Disney The Lion King Scar Cosplay Wallet

Scar is on the prowl as the Lion King Scar Cosplay Flap Wallet. He is determined on becoming the king of Pride Rock and his hyena henchmen are more annoying than helpful. This wallet is the perfect accessory for Disney fans who are looking to keep one of their favorite villains, and their necessities, close.

The Lion King Scar Cosplay Flap Wallet is made of vegan leather (polyurethane). Wallet snaps closed, has a zipper pocket, and features: hyena enamel zipper charm, printed, debossed, and applique details. Take note of the coordinating design of the inside lining fabric. 

Wallet Dimensions: 6.37” W x 3.74” H

The product is officially licensed in the U.S..