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Loungefly Disney Lillo and Stitch Experiment 626 Wallet

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Loungefly Disney Experiment 6276 Faux Leather Wallet

"Meega Nala Kweestra!"- Stitch. Does everyone remember that scene at the beginning of this movie when Jumba Jookiba was defending Stitch to the counsel? At the very end, the Grand Councilwoman asks Stitch if he had anything to say. Well there it is. Does everyone know what that means...... it means "I want to DESTROY!" There ya go.... learned something new today..LOL.

Everyone knows how much Loungefly loves this little walking ball of destruction. We couldn't believe that we had never created a collection with his original outfit. Thankfully, all of your requests have been answered. We are thrilled to bring this new cosplay Stitch collection into our "Ohana."

This vegan leather zip around wallet includes applique, embroidered, printed, interior lining and metal plaque details.

Dimensions: W: 5" X H: 4"

Officially licensed in the U.S..