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Loungefly DC Comics Wonder Woman Swivel Lock Lasso Strap Crossbody Bag

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Loungefly DC Comics Wonder Woman Swivel Lock Lasso Strap Crossbody Bag

Nothing good is born from lies. And greatness is not what you think- Diana Prince

We are not going to lie, this is one of the greatest cross body bags ever created. This cross body bag is basically a superhero on its own. Who is ready for Wonder Woman 1984 to be released? We are too. 

This faux leather bag includes debossed, metallic trim, metal stud and plaque details. Check out the amazing debossed eagle on the front of the bag.  This removable chain and faux leather strap is simply amazing. Check out the amazing locking mechanism. Look for the matching wallet in this collection. 

Dimensions: W: 7.5" X H: 6 X D: 2.25"

The product is officially licensed product in the U.S..