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Loungefly Disney Pixar A Bug's Life Leaf Faux Leather Flap Wallet

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Loungefly Disney Pixar A Bug's Life Leaf Faux Leather Flap Wallet

    "I hate performing on an empty stomach!"- Heimlich

    Our favorite Pixar bugs have finally come together for this fantastical collection. We cannot handle how amazingly adorable this collection turned out. Look at Heimlich waving hello. Francis doesn't look all too happy as usual. The embroideries on this wallet are a huge crowd pleaser

    This faux leather (polyurethane/simulated leather) wallet contains debossed,  embroidered and metal plaque details. This interior lining is just to die for with an all over pattern of the whole cast of Pixar's A Bugs Life.  

    Dimensions: W: 4.25" X H: 3.75" 

    Materials: Polyurethane (Simulated leather, Faux Leather, Not Genuine Leather, Man Made Materials (ALL THE SAME)), Polyester lining. Metal Plaque. 

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